Manor Medical Relocates Egg Donation Program to Georgia

Due to the continuing war in Ukraine, our Australian egg program will relocate to Georgia



Due to the continuing war in Ukraine, Manor Medical are relocating our Australian egg donation program to GGRC, Georgian-German Reproductive Center in Tbilisi, Georgia. Manor Medical will continue to provide a solution for Australian intending parents who require the assistance of an egg donation to have their family.

Manor Medical has worked in Georgia for 12 years as part of Israeli program, assisting couples in Israel who require egg donation and surrogacy.

GGRC use the latest approaches in their medical practice, technology, and have the most up-to-date equipment. With German precision and Georgian goodwill, GGRC is one of the leading and modern providers of reproductive medicine in all Caucasus states.

Our Australian egg donation program in Georgia, will continue to be of the same high medical standards and will continue to meet all the legal and regulatory requirements for Australia. The medical process will continue to be managed by leading Israeli Fertility Specialists Professor Raoul Orvieto and Prof Ariel Weissman and our experienced embryologists. Manor Medicals will continue to ensure high standards of quality and safety in healthcare for our donors and intending parents. The donors will be supported by our experienced Manor Medical team based in GRRC in Georgia.

The women who come forward to generously donate, are altruistic in nature, are healthy, educated and who have proven fertility (with at least one child of their own) and have successfully passed the meticulous medical and psychological screening by the manor medical team.

We hope soon, we will also continue our program of excellence in Kyiv, Ukraine. We will continue to provide support for our treasured staff and donors in this crisis and when it is over rebuilding their lives back to a sense of normalcy.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is affected by what is happening in Ukraine and wish for peace and quiet return to Ukraine and Russia as soon as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to our local team in Sydney, Australia for further information through our Contact Us page.