Our embryo programs

Manor Medical offers an accessible solution for those wishing to create their embryos with fresh donor eggs  in our Manor Medical facilities.
The resulting embryos are then be shipped directly to your clinic without the need to travel.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in the embryo program.

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What does the embryo program process involve?

Step 1

Scheduling a phone consultation with our patient operations manager

Step 2

Completing medical tests and semen analysis for sperm provider

Step 3

Reviewing results and consulting with a Manor  Fertility Specialist

Step 4

Setting up documents, sperm freezing, and sample shipping

Step 5

Finding your egg donor and completing counselling and any genetic testing

Step 6

Planning donation for time of sperm arrival to the laboratory in Ukraine or Georgia

Step 7

Collecting eggs and injecting sperm on the day of collection

Step 8

Growing  embryos to blastocyst stage and freezing all resulting embryos

Step 9

Coordinating embryo shipment to the intending parents' clinic


What do program fees include?

These costs include the:

Consultation with a Manor Medical specialist

Supportive counselling session with an Australian ANZICA counselor

Invitae comprehensive carrier screening panel for the sperm provider and genetic counselling for the recipient couple

Sperm thawing, ICSI, growing embryos to the blastocyst stage, and vitrification

Coordination of embryo shipment to preferred clinic

Shipment of embryos to the patient’s clinic with a hand carry courier

All recruitment, reimbursement, screening and egg collection costs for the egg donor

Additional out-of-pocket costs for recipient not included:

Sperm provider medical tests and semen analysis

Sperm freeze costs and storage fees charged by local Australian clinic

GP/specialist consultation costs

Any managing clinic administration fees

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) - charged by your fertility clinic or provider

Pre implantation genetic testing/screening or any other additional treatments