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We’ve helped thousands of parents just like you have healthy babies. Thanks to this unwavering focus, we maintain one of the highest success rates in the field: over 4000 babies were born in Manor’s donor egg program.

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Getting in touch

Once you complete our online contact form, our Patient Services Manager will get in touch. They'll send you an information booklet with all the details about our plans and services. Then, we'll schedule a call with you to hear about your needs and to make sure our egg donor program is a good fit for you.

Our fertility experts are also available to you and your fertility specialist. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about our program, donors, screening process, and treatment.

Manor Medical is currently establishing connections with Australian fertility clinics, providing a reliable, high-quality solution for those wishing to ship their chosen donor eggs to Australia. At this stage, we will only import donor eggs to clinics outside of Victoria. Our services will be available in Victoria later this year.

We will ask you to specify any preferences you have regarding your donor. You can also send photos of yourselves, or anything else that may help us locate the best donor for you..

Once we get the form, our recruitment team will look for donors who match your requests and send you their profiles. You'll have the option of seeing current photos and childhood photos of the donor. In addition, you can request an additional comprehensive personality description. Our team will be there to support you as you make your decision.


Matching with a donor

Once you find a donor you're happy with, you will sign a formal agreement. This document will include full details of your chosen plan, payment terms and available methods.

You will also be asked to provide a down payment, which we will use to start the egg donation process.


Signing an agreement

The Manor Medical team will contact your fertility specialist and clinic, to let them know of your choice to receive frozen donor eggs from Manor Medical.

We will work closely with your clinic's team, ensuring they have all the information and paperwork needed for the donation.


Contacting your clinic or physician

The chosen donor will go through hormonal stimulation, locally overseen by Professor Orvieto and our western team. Egg retrieval will be scheduled based on stimulation progress.

Once the eggs are retrieved, you will be notified and sent a freezing status report. We will then prep your donor eggs for shipping.


Prepping and retrieving the eggs

Manor Medical will be in constant contact with your clinic or physician. We will make shipping arrangements and oversee the shipping process.

Once your eggs are frozen, we can have them shipped within one week.


Shipping the eggs to you

Our new parents say it all

"These people are angels"

"These people are angels. We've been through so much - but we're so glad we got to Manor Medical. It was nothing like the places we tried before. Their professional team made the process sound simple, and they were right. Everything went exactly as promised."

family thumbnail

Daniel and Ellie

Scarlet's parents

"Real professionals and kind people"

I'm looking at my 2-month old, and... I can't believe it's real. I was so skeptical, but you proved me wrong. We met real professionals - kind people who take their work seriously. We felt we're in capable hands. Thank you so much.

mother and baby thumbnail


Sophie's mom

"Thank you for everything"

Thank you for being there 24/7. Thank you for your infinite patience. Thank you for answering every single question. Thank you for keeping us calm. And thank god for bringing us to you.

family thumbnail

Laney and john

Riley's parents

"We couldn't have chosen a better provider"

Today, we heard the baby's heartbeat. I'm writing this with shaking hands. I still can't believe it. We couldn't have chosen a better provider, and your support meant the world. The sonogram pics are already on their way - start listing baby names for us!

mother and baby thumbnail


Luke's mom

"They take their job so seriously. I made the right choice."

On our first consultation, I was skeptical. I was so worried, but the egg donation process went so fast and was so easy. Other clinics made it seem so exhausting and complicated. At Manor Medical, I met professionals who take their job so seriously. I'm glad I made the right choice.

family thumbnail

Alexander and Emily

Maddy's parents

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Frequently asked questions

Who are egg donations for?

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Egg donations help recipients who are unable to use their own eggs for a variety of reasons, for example: - Premature ovarian failure / Women with a low egg count / low-quality eggs - Women who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapies, resulting in a low egg count - Women who had a unilateral or bilateral oophorectomy - Egg donation may help LGBTQI+ couples/ singles to realise their dreams of parenthood.

Who makes sure donors are medically fit to donate eggs?

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Once potential donors pass psychological evaluations, our team asks them to provide blood samples for both medical and genetic testing. This includes screening for infectious diseases and genetic carrier status. All results are reviewed by our Medical Directors who choose which donors are qualified to donate eggs in the Manor Medical program. On average, only 55% of potential donors are accepted.

How old are donors at Manor Medical?

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Women aged 21-31 can apply to the donor egg program.

Will my child be able to find the donor in the future?

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Yes! All donors have consented to their identity being released to any offspring born from the donation, once they turn 18 years of age.

What is the treatment cycle frequency?

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Our team performs egg collection, embryo transfer, and egg shipments every week.

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