About us

Manor Medical originated a family-owned company founded in 2008 by Ami and Liora Manor.

The company was established with the aim of providing a simple, accessible solution for couples who seek egg donation overseas, without compromising the quality of care of both the donors and the recipients.

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The Manor Medical story

In the past, people who sought egg donation abroad were thrown into a world of uncertainty, depending on various mediators and contractors in their journey to become parents. Manor Medical was meant to be the go-to solution for those who need to access donor eggs and want a peace of mind.

In order to fulfill their vision, Manor Medical recruited some of Israel's leading professionals in the fertility field including physicians, embryologists, nurses, counsellors and lab technicians who manage all donation-related procedures in the facilities in Ukraine and Georgia.

Manor Medical believe in creating a safe, comfortable environment to both our customers and our employees. Our team is well aware that they meet the patients at a critical and emotional moment in their life and they make sure to provide a personal, compassionate care for our customers, as well as our donors (read more about our values).

Today, Manor Medical operates through a network of fertility clinics around the world, providing a variety of individually tailored fertility treatments. Our company is well known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare. Manor Medical has experience as Israel's largest company providing fertility solutions to more than 60 patients each month using egg donation, completing over 800 donation cycles a year. we've had the joy of assisting families 17 different countries to bring into this world more than 4,500 healthy children.

In late 2020, Manor Medical was acquired by the Danel Group - a large publicly listed company in Israel. Danel provides healthcare services worldwide. As part of the Danel Group, Manor Medical continues to provide our specialised fertility services, making them available to more international patients.

Learn more about Danel and about our team.